New Mugshots in Tulsa County, OK - Friday, April 1st, 2011

Did someone you know get arrested in Tulsa County, OK on 04/01/2011? Find out on Busted! Mugshots. We have 10 total mugshots from Tulsa County, OK on April 01, 2011.

Tulsa County, OK - Friday, April 1st, 2011
  • Devin Dionne Christian - Drive Under Suspension/Dus
    Poss Drug Paraphernalia
    Poss Cd
    Contempt Of Court (Civil)
  • Jeff Dean Criswell - Application To Accelerate
    Endeavoring To Manufacture
    Poss Firearm Commission Felony 1ST Offense
  • Travis Henry Gallaway - Application To Revoke
  • Billy Joe Harp - Financial Responsibility/Security Verification
    Drive Under Revocation/Dur
    Change Lanes Unsafely
    Domestic A&B Presence Of Minor
    Seat Belt Violations
    Court Cost
    Hold/Mayes County
    Hold/Rogers County
  • Justin Alan Huglin - Obstruct/Interfere W/Police Officer
    Perjury (Other Than Trial Proceeding)
    False Declaration Of Ownership
    Application To Revoke
    Unlawful Posession Of Controlled Drug
    Stolen Property (KCSP) Afcf
    False Impersonation Afcf
    Driving Under The Inluence Of Alcohol (Municipal Arrest)
    Court Cost
    Trespassing-Entry W/O Consent
  • C.C. Johnson - Murder 1ST Degree
    Shoot W/Intent To Kill
  • Zachary Thomas Mather - Burglary 2ND Degree Afcf
    Poss Cd
    Drive Under Suspension/Dus
  • Joshua Carrol Taylor - No Driver'S License On Person
    Improper License Plate Display/Expired Tag
    Larceny - Merchandise - Retailer
    Speeding Over Posted Limit
    Burglary 2ND Degree
  • Larry Earl Thompson - Hold/Nowata Co So
    Poss Cd Sched I II 1ST Offense
    Dui 1ST Offense
    Drive Under Suspension/Dus
    F/T Keep In Proper Lane
    Transport Open Container
    Insurance/Security Verification
    Speeding Over Posted Limit
    No Proof Liability Insurance
    No Drivers License
  • Jennifer Ann Williams - Application To Revoke
    Juvenile Review HRNG