New Mugshots in Shelby County, IN - Thursday, September 13th, 2018

Did someone you know get arrested in Shelby County, IN on 09/13/2018? Find out on Busted! Mugshots. We have 17 total mugshots from Shelby County, IN on September 13, 2018.

Shelby County, IN - Thursday, September 13th, 2018
  • Grant Hong Akers - Sexual Battery
  • Heather Marie Castaneda - Writ Of Attachment
    Possession Of Marijuana - First Time Offense And Less Than 30 Grams Of Pot
  • Jaramyuh Oake Chastain - Child Molesting (Child Under 14, Sexual Intercourse/Other Sexual Conduct) Committed By Person At Least 21; Committed Using Deadly Force Or Armed W/Deadly Weapon; Resulting In Sbi; Or Offense Is Committed By Furnishing Drug W/O Other S Knowledge
  • Joshua Scott Clouse - Parole Violation
    Possession Of Meth Amount At Least 5 But <10 Grams
  • Steven Allen Clouse - Domestic Battery - Battery On Spouse Or Former Spouse; Live-In Or Former Live-In; Or On Person With Whom Def. Has A Child
    Domestic Battery
  • Joshua Keith Collins - Fail To Appear
  • Nicole Marie Cox-Sims - Possession Of Meth
    Possess Hypodermic Syringe Or Needle
  • Shannon Cree - Probation Violation
  • Derrick Dewayne Dugan - Unknown Hearing
    Doc Hold
  • Richard Louis Guerrero - Failure To Appear On Felony Charge
    Failure To Appear - Def., Having Been Released From Lawful Detention (On A Misdemeanor Charge) On Condition To Appear Later, Intentionally Fails To Appear
    Hold For Another Jurisdiction
  • Daveon Lemesz Ingram - Theft - Basic Theft Offense.
  • Jonathan M Jones - Failure To Appear On Felony Charge
  • Johnny Douglas Knuckles - House Arrest Violation
  • Terry Joe Martin - Resisting Law Enforcement, The Person Uses A Vehicle To Flee; Or While Committing Resisting Law Enforcement Person Draws Or Used Deadly Weapon, Inflicts/Causes Bodily Injury To Another, Or Operates A Vehicle Creating A Substantial Risk Of Bodily Injury To Another Person
    Possession Of A Synthetic Drug Or Synthetic Drug Lookalike Substance - Def. Possesses A Synthetic Drug Or A Synthetic Drug Lookalike Substance
    Probation Hold
  • Shad Michael Riley - Failure To Appear On Felony Charge
  • Jeremiah Donovon Sundman - Failure To Appear On Felony Charge
    Operating A Motor Vehicle Without Ever Receiving A License - Def. Knowingly Or Intentionally Operates A Motor Vehicle Upon A Highway And Has Never Received A Valid Driver'S License
  • Brittany Michelle Wischmeyer - Possess Hypodermic Syringe Or Needle