New Mugshots in Shelby County, IN - Sunday, September 2nd, 2018

Did someone you know get arrested in Shelby County, IN on 09/02/2018? Find out on Busted! Mugshots. We have 6 total mugshots from Shelby County, IN on September 02, 2018.

Shelby County, IN - Sunday, September 2nd, 2018
  • Jeffrey Dale Griffin - Obstructing The Inspector General - Def. Knowingly Or Intentionally Attempts/Induces, By Threat, Coercion, Suggestion, Or False Statement A Witness Or Informant To Withhold/Delay Production Of Stuff, Avoid Legal Process, Fail To Appear Or Make/Present False Record, Etc.
  • Chana Marie Marshall - Habitual Traffic Violator
  • Mario Francisco Moya - Resisting Law Enforcement - Def. Knowingly Or Intentionally Flees From Law Enforcement Officer After The Officer Has, By Visible Or Audible Means, Including Siren Or Lights, Identified Self And Ordered The Def. To Stop
    Public Intoxication -
    Disorderly Conduct
  • Christopher Allen Palmer - Possess Methamphetamine
    Hold For Another Jurisdiction
  • Joshua Derron Posley - Hold For Another Jurisdiction
  • Cesar Serratos - Driving While Suspended- Prior Suspension Within 10 Years
    Operating A Vehicle While Intoxicated -